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Do you have these business goals?

If you are a manager of a company involved in software development and you want to achieve any of the following goals, I have the skills, experience, credentials and successful track record to assist you to:

  • shorten development time
  • sharpen decision making
  • increase team productivity
  • improve the quality of your software products
  • lift the performance output of your teams
  • exceed the expectations of your internal and external customers
  • create a learning culture in your software development teams.

Why I can help you achieve those goals

With over 15 yearsโ€™ experience in the UK and Australia delivering web-based software development projects I understand how to deliver products that customers want.

I help project stakeholders understand then improve the capacity of their teams by doing more of what helps the team excel and removing things that limit the capacity of teams. This approach allows the stakeholders to make better, more timely decisions about which features to invest in.

I combine these unique approaches with my background in psychology as well as an MBA which enable me to help teams become more effective in the ways they communicate and learn. The benefits of more productive communication are that teams can then make decisions that they can commit to and implement, in a shorter amount of time and with fewer interpersonal issues.

How I can help you achieve those goals

Helping Development Managers
I work with Development Managers and Chief Technology Officers to help you improve the capability of your staff and teams. This involves helping you become more effective at managing your direct reports and for creating systems that allow people to perform at their best.

My strong focus in on increasing the visibility of the work being done by creating kanban boards, charts and reporting approaches that satisfy the needs of a diverse group of stakeholders.

The benefits of my approach for you include you gaining greater clarity about the work performed by the teams, and in-depth knowledge about what enhances and what hinders team performance. The increased visibility means that you and other executives can better manage the competing demands from above, as well as work more productively with peers in order to create environments where projects can be delivered faster.

I specialise in improving communication and facilitating conversations around the adoption of innovative software development approaches such as Agile, Scrum or Lean / Kanban.

Team Coaching
I use my extensive experience of Extreme Programming, Scrum and Agile principles and practices to help teams adopt more effective ways of working. My focus is on helping teams embed these processes in a way that works for them. The benefits are that the team own their own process and have the ability to adopt new practices, learn and improve.

Helping Managers and Teams improve Communication
In a constructive and non-threatening manner, I facilitate team discussions helping teams understand how their current system or context combined with their previous mind sets and habitual behaviours may inadvertently be contributing to sub-optimal outcomes. I carefully negotiate and introduce ground rules for effective group behaviour. Together, we examine the system context that the team are working within, and look for ways to validate the impact of the system, finding ways to engage in dialogue people who can influence the system.

Workshops and Facilitation
I facilitate meetings using a kanban approach that helps focus the discussion, enables all topics to be fully examined and ensures actions are identified.

I also conduct engaging workshops on productive communication, especially around issues that involve working with other teams or areas of the organisation.


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